Our site met with the desire to help punters in this difficult period, full of fraud and other "inhuman" Fool. Our site makes a team of experienced bettors who have a share of the local bookies and they know all the payments and what information rarely are. More professionals doing everything for you, 'tips and analyzed and you only paid a certain type. After a while you will see that your wallets will soon become fatter and have more money.


Our team of experts with FREE TYPES decided to make the text types, VIP types and HT / FT TYPE. Clarify what each category means.


FREE TYPES - ask them whenever we have time, when we find solid information and that is our assessment falls under FREE TYPES not under SMS or VIP types. FREE types can be found under the Analysis page or on the home page of our website ( For FREE TYPES focus mainly on the downturn and mutual duels team, mainly on the goals and traditions. My money and the table if one team should score a second team does not have motivation.


SMS SERVICE - send a message stating the number for your country and in return you receive a TIP for the day. I like the strong information, transitions, absences and suspensions of players and sometimes if it is good to visit the site and be a VIP types, and soon about them. Our archives all the talk about statistics and the passing of matches. SMS is not active every day g but when the home page you see a new article with the inscription on the photograph of the article "Submit Ticket" and the title for the day or date.


VIP TYPES - with HT / FT TYPES this is our strongest weapon. Every day, our loyal subscribers to their email or mobile device (WhatsApp) send types. Odds range from 2.00 to 30.00. What falls under the VIP TYPES the following: cooperation clubs, furnished matches, absences of players, professional analysis and a strong information. Our archives VIP TYPES all talking about what kind of matches working and what is the word.


HT / FT TYPES - transitions 1/2 & 2/1. Odds generally range from 20.00 to 40.00. It is a 100% furnished matches. Several time in the month we get these types and usually on Sundays or 4 times a month. Our archives and statistics says it all.


For all inquiries, information and instructions on how to use the site please contact us at our E-Mail address:

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